Xandros ADvanced Desktop Nasil Kurulur?

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    advanced desktop'la ilgili birkac yabanc ikaynak var lakin ne kadar ugrastiysam da yapamadim.

    Bilgisi olan, yardimci olabilecek var midir?
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    ingilizce detaylı bir anlatım. Buldum. Vaktim olduğunda dener ve veya Türkçe'ye çeviririm. Şimdilik idare edin.
    Complete "Advanced Desktop" in a nut shell.

    OK I did all this last night using the various threads. I have had my Eee PC for all of about 24 hours and have been dabbling with Linux since 1999, but am FAR from being an expert. I will try and keep this as direct as possible. I take no credit for figuring this all out. All I did was take the information that other people posted and applied it with a little tiny bit of extra guess work and sleuthing. I will give credit when possible. Before I did any of this I went to settings and ran the add/remove software to install the available updates.

    Also I did all the software updates but didn't install the BIOS as I heard there may be problems with stability. I wrote all this from memory as I just did it last night, so if there is anything that doesn't work, please let us know. If you have already been hacking on your Eee I don't know how these instructions will effect your weee-puter. Mine is a virgin install fresh out of the box.

    1. Power on and boot into Simple Mode

    2. First you need to get access to a terminal by enabling the "start menu", to do that I used user o2smartphone's guide
    a. Fire up the File Manager in Work Tab
    b. Look inside the View Menu, tick "Show Hidden Files" and "Show All File Systems"
    c. In the left pane, click on My Home, create a hidden folder .icewm
    d. In the left pane, go down from All File Systems to /etc/X11/icewm
    e. In the right pane, ctrl-A to select all files, ctrl-C to copy
    f. In the left pane, select My Home, .icewm and do a ctrl-V to paste.
    g. Right click on the file "preferences", choose open with -> text editor.
    h. Find the line "TaskBarShowStartMenu", change the value.
    i. Save the file and restart.

    3. Now that you have a neat little start menu, you will ALWAYS have that even in Simple Mode.

    4. Now use the start menu to run "Terminal" or "Xterm". I think they are the same thing. I used "Terminal".

    5. You are going to need root access in the shell so type "sudo bash" and hit enter. This will give you a red prompt that indicates that you are root. Be VERY careful while you are the root user. As root you can delete vital system files and ruin the Linux install.

    6. Now that you are root you can use apt-get to install a few important packages. None of the packages from Asus are "signed" for some reason and you will have to select yes when you get the "are you sure..." messages.
    a. type: "apt-get update" and hot enter to make sure you get the latest repository information.
    b. Now install "kicker" with "apt-get install kicker" and hit enter. (suggested by "Ant" our form admin)
    c. Type "exit" twice to close the terminal and then reboot, you will notice that in the shutdown dialog you may now see "Full Desktop". Don't bother with that yet, as it won't work.
    d. A reboot may not even be required, but I fumbled through this and this is how I did it.
    e. Rebooted, run the "Terminal" again and then in the terminal type "sudo bash" to gain root.
    f. Type: "apt-get install ksmserver" and it will do it's thing. (suggested by "oinker" in the forums)
    g. You should now be able to use the shutdown menu to select "Full Desktop", but mine ran kinda strange until I did a full reboot, back into simple mode, shutdown to "Full Desktop", and it loaded wonderfully.

    Hope this is a useful write up. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to try and figure this out.

    Oh and lastly, every time you book up your Eee, it will always start in simple mode, you then will have to use the "Shutdown" dialog to go to "Full Desktop".

    - Jason "Kiteless Dragon" H.
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